Flexi Floorcoat - Maingard

Flexi Floorcoat - Maingard

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Two part ultra strength flexible polyurethane floor paint designed for timber suspended or mezzanine wood floors in commercial and industrial locations. Capable of flexing with the natural cambers of wooden floors.

Maingard Flexi Floorcoat is a two part flexible polyurethane coating to be applied on wooden mezzanine and suspended floor surfaces. This mezzanine and suspended floor paint is designed to penetrate, coat and flex with the movement of timber surfaces for a long lasting coating. For painting wooden stairs or floors in a domestic setting, please use our Maingard Timber Floorcoat. 

One 4kg unit of mezzanine and suspended floor paint consisting of 1 x Resin and 1 x Activator part. Each unit covers 20m2 in two coats on a smooth timber surface, but can be applied in one coat at 30m2 unless using the anti slip type which does require both coats. 

Other Maingard products from SP Group include our range of maintenance products and wall cladding.

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Size: 4kg

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