Crete Floor Repair - Maingard

Crete Floor Repair - Maingard

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High strength polyurethane resin repair mortar designed to fill substrate holes without shrinking or cracking.

Maingard Crete Floor Repair is a reinforced polyurethane resin repair mortar capable of deep in filling and screeding to an extremely high strength, suitable for application on concrete, grano and asphalt.

Please note that to bond this concrete repair mortar to the substrate, you must apply a tack coat. See Bond Floorprep in the ancillaries section. 

One 28kg unit of repair mortar contains 1 x Resin 1 x Activator and 1 x Aggregate. Each unit of repair mortar can in fill approx. 1m2 of concrete at 14mm. 

SP Group. Specialists in temporary products and manufacturers of temporary protection.

Colour: Grey
Size: 28kg

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