Helping the planet one product at a time.

SP Group Global Ltd. designed a sustainability scheme to promote environmental consciousness and to reduce carbon footprint and negative impact of the construction industry to the planet.

This scheme is applied on top of any purchase of recyclable products such as corry board, scaffold sheeting, and shrink wrap. We will collect your used materials and gather enough amount to be delivered to a recycling facility where your it will be turned into something new for the community.

Collection charge will depend on the volume and location. 
Your account manager will guide you through this process


Step 1: Purchasing.
The first step for all clients who plans to apply for certification. All materials for recycling must have been purchased from SP Group Global Ltd.

Step 2: Compiling.
Compiling of used materials to prepare it for collection should be done by the client by following the specified Collection Guidelines.

Step 3: Collection.
Collection of used materials initiated by SP Group.

Step 4: Recycling.
Delivery to recycling facility for processing into new eco-friendly products for the community.


  • Our team will coordinate directly with your site foreman to gather and collect the used materials. 

  • Used materials should be gathered on site onto a minimum of 2 pallets or approx. 1200mm height.

  • Pallets should be prepared for collection by wrapping them and sealed with straps.

  • To avoid adverse impact on environment and reduce carbon footprint when collecting, it is advised that the maximum quantity at once at the end of the project should be collected.

  • Once gathered or compiled, the client may contact SP Group Global Ltd. for pick up or collection of the used materials.

  • Once collected, SP Group Global Ltd. will work to gather a full truck load in its facilities in Antrim before sending it to a recycling facility  

  • * Collection charge will depend on the volume and location. Your account manager will guide you through this process.


  • Each company that joins the Blue Cycle Recycling Scheme will receive a certification that they may add to their credentials as a company.

  • To be certified, a company must:

    • Be an SP Group client and have placed their purchase order for corry board.

    • Have followed the specified collection guidelines

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