Work Safely at Heights: DOs & DON'Ts
Stopping accidents at height before they happen

As defined by the Health and Safety Authority, “Working at height” is work in any place, including a place at, above or below ground level, where a person could be injured if they fell from that place. Access and egress to a place of work can also be work at height. 

Some examples of working at height are: working on trestles, working on a flat roof, erecting formwork, working on a ladder, working at ground level adjacent to an excavation, working on formwork within an excavation, working near or adjacent to fragile materials, and many more. 

Given the obvious risks in this type of job, here are some DON’Ts to remember when working at height: 

  • DON’T overload the ladders that you are working on with equipment or materials.

  • DON’T try to reach too far when you’re on a ladder or stepladder. 

  • DON’T allow workers without proper training to do any work at height. 

  • DON’T lean or place the ladder on fragile surfaces. 

  • DON’T stay quiet when you feel someone is compromising their own safety or the safety of others; 

And here are some DOs to practice when working at heights: 

  • DO train your workers with proper safety practices. 

  • DO select and inspect the proper PPE for the job. 

  • DO make preparations for emergency evacuations and rescues. 

  • DO use railings as needed. 

  • DO use the proper equipment for working at heights (Scaffold vs Lift vs Ladder) 

All these DOs and DON’Ts can be covered by 2 things: Equipment and Training. With the combination of the right equipment and proper training, every construction site becomes equipped not just with the right tools but also with the right knowledge to create a safe working environment. 

To get the right training, companies may hire agencies who specialise in training construction workers to work at height, providing them with modules and hands-on exercises. To shop for the right equipment, companies may consult with temporary protection experts to find the right product for the right working conditions. 

SP Group is an award-winning supplier and manufacturer of temporary protection products in Ireland and UK so you’re assured of the quality that you can get while being assisted by our team of experts.  

Here are some recommended products for height safety: 

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