Why You Should Use Fire-Retardant Scaffold Sheeting
Finding the right FR Scaffold Sheeting to avoid fire hazards and meet industry standards

 Scaffold work is a risky job without the proper equipment and training. Falls and falling debris or tools still remain as the top hazards in scaffold work but fire hazards and electrocution is coming up the ranks, too.

National Fire Chief’s Council notes some of the inherent hazards in scaffolding: 

  • Scaffolding systems may collapse rapidly and independently of the building, depending upon the severity of the fire.

  • Collapse may occur beyond the site boundary, hoarding or fencing.

  • Collapse may pull down other elevations of the building to which it is attached 

  • The behaviour of aluminium and nylon plugs should be considered

  • Not all scaffolding systems are load-bearin

  • Presence of scaffolding systems can worsen the fire, particularly where there is non-fire-retardant sheeting or netting

  • Netting can become loose during a fire and may present an entanglement hazard

  • The behaviour of scaffolding in fire is unpredictable and its use during a fire must be subject to an appropriate risk assessment

Taking the last 3 points into consideration, Fire-retardant Scaffold Sheeting plays an important role in scaffold safety. After all, it only takes 30 seconds for a fire to spread and create costly damage.  
Now, imagine if the scaffold sheeting that is wrapped around your entire building caught on fire—your building may be in flames and crumble down in a matter of minutes!  
Lack of fire prevention will not only cost you your materials but also the lives of your workers. That is why we are here to help you invest in high quality fully certified fire-retardant scaffold sheeting today. 
SP Group offers a wide range of FR Certified Scaffold Sheeting: 

As a bonus to your fire safety, Safegard TS62 FR Certified Scaffold Sheeting is also customisable with your own branding! This creates an additional advertising space for you while construction is ongoing. 
For more details on Safegard TS62 FR Certified Scaffold Sheeting, download our brochure HERE or call +44 28 9442 8611. Our team of experts are always ready to assist and help you create a safe working environment.