Top Rated FR Scaffold Sheeting: Why Look For LPS1215 or TS62 Certified
A quick guide on certified fire retardant scaffold sheeting

Scaffold sheeting is polyethylene sheeting used for wrapping around scaffold structures for safety, containing debris, and weather protection purposes. It is often available in different variants to suit specific environmental factors and conditions, such as height and wind strength, but the most common choice made when buying this is between a standard grade material and a fire-retardant one. 


As scaffold sheeting is made of plastic materials, having it wrapped around scaffold structures makes it a significant risk if it was to catch fire. Thus, construction companies and builders often prefer fire-retardant certified scaffold sheeting for additional safety measures and compliance to insurance and government regulations. 


What is LPS1215 or TS62 Certification? 


LPS1215 and TS62 are loss prevention standards and are considered the major or highest FR certification bodies for scaffold sheeting in the UK. Products with these certificates, undergo thorough audits and multiple tests to ensure they meet the required standards. 


LPS1215 and TS62 certified products are the best products that you can find in the market compared to those who simply claim to be fire-retardant. 


Suppliers usually specify this certification in product data sheets or labels but you can also check for certificate logos to confirm: 



To verify these certifications and avoid fake ones in the market, you may search for your supplier's company and verify it HERE. 


Are LPS1215 or TS62 Certified products fire-proof? 


No, fire-retardant doesn't mean fireproof as almost anything exposed to extreme heat will burn. However, fire-retardant products reduce the spread of fire until fire services can arrive to completely eliminate it, therefore, reducing risks and damages that might incur compared to non-FR materials. 


What LPS1215 or TS62 Certified products are available in the market? 


Safegard's FR Scaffold Sheeting has been one of the leading TS62 certified scaffold sheeting in the industry for more than 30 years. It is available in 3 variants: CLASSIC, PLUS, and PRO which are designed for different heights, wind load, and weather conditions.   


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