Top 5 Temporary Floor Protection Products to Look Out For in 2022
Here are the trending Floor Protection materials that will continue to be in demand next year

Temporary Floor Protection prevents paint splashes, dust, dirt, scratches, and other debris from damaging your floor surfaces during construction, DIY-ing, refurbishment, decorating, and other events.  

It has been a constant feature in almost every construction project’s checklist so we have listed down our top 5 picks based on demand this year and projection for next year: 

No. 5FR Breathable FleeceThis is the perfect protection for newly installed floors that require protection whilst continuing to cure and release moisture. We recently released an article how this material helps you continue your work while your floors are being installed—not only does it protect your floors, but also saves you the waiting time in curing! 

It’s good for: 

  • -Protecting most floors types 

  • -Protecting floors with high shine such as ceramic, marble or polished wood 

Why we like it: 

  • -Breathable Material 

  • -Fire-retardant 

  • -Low-slip risk 

  • -Unique high strength properties 

  • -Customisable with your own logo or branding printed on it 


No. 4: FR Carpet Protective Film. This is a fire-retardant adhesive film designed to grip firmly to short pile fibre carpets and protect them from dust, spillages, and foot trafficWe all know how damaged or stained carpets can be some of the toughest and costly to clean or replace so this floor protection solution saves you from that worry! 

It’s good for: 

  • -Most types of short pile fibre carpets 

  • -Delicate and heavy-duty carpets 

Why we like it: 

  • -Easy to apply, no tapes needed, just rubdown pressure and you’re good to go 

  • -Waterproof and fire-retardant 

  • -Firm adhesive grip 

  • -Leaves no residue when removed 


No. 3: FR Woven Floor Protection. This is a 100% waterproof and fire-retardant polypropylene woven floor protection for rapid cover of large areas, protection from spills, splashes, dust, and dirt. 

It’s good for: 

  • -Any floor types 

Why we like it: 

  • -Super handy for quick floor protection needs 

  • -Fire-retardant and waterproof 

  • -Durable, lightweight, and easy to handle 

  • -Slip-resistant 

  • -Unique tear proof structure 


No. 2: Floorgard Corry Board. This is a durable and lightweight twin-walled corrugated polypropylene plastic material designed for impact protection during construction works. Corry Board has always been a crowd favourite and best-seller throughout the years for its quality and flexibility but recent imbalance in supply and demand chain has caused several price increases to incur in the past year. 

Floorgard Corry Board comes in sheets and rolls, standard and fire-retardant options, and different thickness to choose from. 

Good for: 

  • -Protecting any floor type from impact and other damages 

  • -Covering large floor areas (and even walls) 

Why we like it: 

  • -Easy to cut, curved, or creased 

  • -Lightweight and impact-resistant 

  • -Waterproof 

  • -Easy storage and transportation 

  • -Customisable with your own logo or branding printed on it 


No. 1: TuffcardThis is a strong, durable, and hard-wearing card roll designed to be an inexpensive and recyclable floor protection product. This is at the top of our list because it provides the basic needs for temporary floor protection at a very affordable price and as it is recyclable, every project will surely produce less waste and carbon-footprint. 

Good for: 

  • -Most floor types and surfaces 

  • -Projects that don’t require heavy-duty protection 

Why we like it: 

  • -Inexpensive yet durable 

  • -Provides protection from scratches, dirt, dust, and footmarks 

  • -Easy to install and join with tapes 

  • -Recyclable


Here’s a quick comparison for you to help you choose the right temporary floor protection: 

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