Stepping Up for Sustainability in Construction
We're helping the earth one sustainable product at a time.

As a company that supplies tonnes of plastic-based materials, SP Group's main focus in 2022 is to strengthen its sustainability program and supply more sustainable products to its customers. 


According to an article in the Irish Times, close to zero construction and demolition waste is recycled in Ireland. Due to the continued classification of these materials as waste, the only outlet previously available was disposal at non-hazardouslandfills. Separately, there are persistent environmental problems with the level of illegal dumping of such waste, especially in isolated rural areas. 


In addition to this, the construction industry is one of the top contributors to waste materials not just in Ireland but also in nearby countries. 


With this alarming number going up, SP Group recognises its responsibility to help make a change with its supply partners and customers to help protect the Earth one step at a time. 


SP Group is actively looking for new solutions but until biodegradable counterparts of its current products are on the market, the company will continue to promote recyclable products and encourage customers to recycle used materials. 


Currently, SP Group offers certified 100% recyclable products such as Floorgard Corry Board, Debris Netting, Shrink Wrap, and Scaffold Sheeting. Customers who purchase these products may then apply for the Blue Cycle Recycling Scheme after their project is done. 



Blue Cycle Recycling Scheme is a sustainability program wherein SP Group arranges to pick up used materials and bring them to the nearest recycling centre to be recycled or upcycled.  


This program aims to promote environmental consciousness and reduce the carbon footprint and negative impact of the construction industry on the planet. For a small fee in this assisted program, customers don't need to do the hard work of recycling, SP Group will take care of it for them.

To know more about Blue Recycling Scheme, talk to our team of experts today at or call +44 28 9442 8611.