Most Common Work-Related Injuries: Slips & Trips
Avoid accidents in the workplace during winter and rainy seasons.

Slip, trip, and fall injuries cost millions of pounds every year in the UK alone. According to Health and Safety Executive (HSE), the latest statistics show slipping and tripping to be the single most common cause of major injury in UK workplaces, and they are often the initiators of accidents attributed to other causes, such as some machinery accidents, scalding and falls from height. 

Slips and trips may not seem like a big concernbut if ignored, could cost your company and employees a hefty amount of hospital bills, workforce, and even fatality.  

HSE highlights the following results and consequences of slips, trips, and falls on average: 

  • over a third of all reported major injuries  

  • 20% of over-3-day injuries to employees  

  • 2 fatalities per year  

  • 50% of all reported accidents to members of the public that happen in workplaces  

  • cost to employers £512 million per year (lost production and other costs) 

  • cost to health service £133 million per year  

  • incalculable human cost  

  • more major injuries in manufacturing and in the service sectors than any other cause. 

If these are not alarming enough, CDC also recognizes Slips, Trips, and Falls as one of the leading causes of traumatic injuries at work. 

These accidents can also happen at home and in public places such as walkways, pedestrians, and grocery stores. 


Winter Season Safety 

With the winter season fast approaching, accidents and injuries caused by slips arexpected to rise but the good news is that you can prevent this and protect the people around you. 

The National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH) states that spills, ice, snow, and rain, are some of the common causes of slips. 

The reason you slip on something is the lack of grip or friction from your feet or shoe to the ground or surface, therefore, simply adding textures and matting to floors and stairs will already be of tremendous help to increase friction. 

Here are some Anti-Slip Products that SP Group offers that will be a quick fix to this problem: 

1. Anti-Slip Walkway Cover - Heavy-duty GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) gritted surface sheets that provide superb grip for anti-slip protection. Ideal for heavy traffic areas such as walkways, industrial platforms, footbridges, and stations. 


2. Anti-Slip Step-Edge - Heavy-duty GRP and strong grip step edges, also known as nosing, are designed to cover step edges for a quick and cost-effective solution to dangerous or potential slip hazards. Ideal for stairs and platform edges. 


3. Anti-Slip Tape - Strong self-adhesive tapes for quick anti-slip solutions in all dry and porous free surfaces. Ideal for emergencies or quick solutions to areas or surfaces with slip-risk. 


4. Anti-Slip Step Tread - Heavy-duty GRP and high-grip stair treads designed to cover existing steps and stairs and increase the visibility of each step. Ideal for stairs in dark or dim-lit areas with high slip-risk. 

Aside from these, adding warning signs, light sources, and regular cleaning will help prevent slip accidents and injuries. 

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