Monarflex and Monoflex Alternative
Exploring trusted products beyond the traditional names in scaffold sheeting

Monarflex and Monoflex have been the big names in the scaffolding industry for years. It's safe to say they have become the "Starbucks" of scaffold sheeting.  


Monarflex is the brand name of a scaffold supply company offering several variants of the product to choose from, whilst Monoflex is a scaffold sheeting often sourced from China. 


With known branding comes a higher price to pay and that's why scaffolders and contractors are always on the lookout for other brands that can offer the same quality or better at a more reasonable price.  


Safegard, a brand under SP Group and recognised as UK & Ireland's Best Temporary Protection Product Manufacturer in 2021, offers a wide range of Scaffold Sheeting from standard grades to fire-retardant variants. 


Safegard's FR Scaffold Sheeting has been one of its best-sellers for more than 30 years. Scaffolders may choose from CLASSIC, PLUS, and PRO to suit their project needs. Here's a quick comparison of each variant: 



If you prefer a standard or non-FR grade, here's a quick comparison, too: 


Safegard also offers FREE consultation to make sure that you're choosing the right scaffold sheeting for your project.  


Another Safegard product that has increased in demand and is also an alternative to scaffold sheeting is the SCAFWRAP FR Shrink Wrap. It is a scaffolding wrap designed for more robust protection against extreme weather as it creates drum-tight protection when heated. 


You don't need toggles ties and other materials to keep SCAFWRAP Shrink Wrap in place, therefore saving you a lot more money on accessories. To know more about this product, you may check out this article, 5 Reasons to Use Shrink Wrap. 


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