Going Green for Floor Protection
A St. Patrick's special for floor protection

The colour Green could mean a lot of thingsfresh, happiness, new start, earthand for St. Patrick's Day, it means luck.  


For SP Group, green means Floorgard and sustainability. Floorgard is SP Group's brand for floor protection and one of its best-selling products is Corry Board. 



Corry Board is a corrugated polypropylene sheet designed to protect floors and surfaces from impact, dust, dirt, and splashes during construction work. It is easily cut and creased, making it flexible enough for even the most complicated shapes and angles. 


It comes in different thicknesses to suit different impact protection needs and customers may choose between standard and fire-retardant variants. In addition to this, Floorgard's Corry Board can be customised with your logo printed on it. 



Corry Board is also one of SP Group's 100% Recyclable products and can be recycled through the Blue Recycling Schemeit may be blue in name but it's part of the green campaign to help achieve sustainability in the construction industry. 


Blue Cycle Recycling Scheme is applied on top of any purchase of recyclable products such as corry board, scaffold sheeting, and shrink wrap. SP Group collects used materials and gathers enough amount to be delivered to a recycling facility where it will be turned into something new for the community. 


To know more about this program, click HERE. 




Still in the St. Patrick's Day spirit? Here are more green products for you: 



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