Floor & Surface Protection Guide for DIY Projects
Protect your floors, surfaces, and furnitures like a pro at home

One thing that the pandemic has taught us, would be that we could do a lot of things at home and on our own. The extra time that people spend at home, gives them more time to refurbish furniture, redecorate, or even renovate certain parts of their house. 


With this increase in DIY projects, we have prepared a guide on how you can protect your floors, furniture, windows, and surfaces like a pro--you just need the right product. 


1. Surface Protection 

Surfaces could be anything from furniture, countertops, or even mirrors. A lot of these are delicate and hard to clean so it's best to protect them from the start. Here are our top-rated
products for surface protection:


  1. STIXX Multi-Surface Protection - A handy all-around plastic film for almost any surface if you don't have a specific purpose you want to focus on or if you just want something that could do the trick for all applications. It's easy to apply with just rub-down pressure and leaves no residue when removed! 


  1. Pallet Wrap - It's like the cling wrap you use in the kitchen but bigger and more heavy-duty! 


  1. Bubble Wrap - The classic (and most entertaining) surface protection with added impact resistance using its air-filled bubbles but unlike STIXX Multi-Surface Protection and Pallet Wrap, you will need tape to keep this in place. 


2. Dust Containment 

If you are renovating a room or a corner of your house that might cause a lot of dust from drilling and sawing or splashes from painting, dust containment is the better option for you. 


  1. Polythene Sheeting - A standard plastic sheet for dust containment. With the right props or tools, this can easily be set up to separate your working space from the rest of your house. 


  1. Dust-Lock Dust Barrier System - This kit comes with 4 extending poles (1.55m3.9m), 12 u-clips, 2 heavy-duty zippers (7.6cmx213cm), and 1 carry bag that you will need to set up a dust containment area. 


3. Window & Glass Protection 

Windows & glass surfaces are not just expensive to replace but they also pose a big risk when damaged. Here are our best recommendations: 


  1. STIXX Window Protective Film - This is a low-tack and inexpensive film for basic window protection from dust and splashes. Plus, it helps prevent shattering by holding the glass together in case of damage. It is also easy to apply and leaves no residue when removed. 


4. Floor Protection 

Floors can be easily damaged during construction work or any DIY projects but it is difficult to repair as a whole and even more difficult to repair just one part of it. However, with the right protection, you can go about your project and not have to worry about damages at all. 


  1. STIXX Carpet Protective Film - Designed to protect delicate carpets that are easily stained or catch a lot of dust. Like most STIXX products, it’s easily applied with just rubdown pressure and leaves no residue when removed--an important thing for carpet protection. 

  1. Tuffcard - A strong, durable, and hard-wearing card roll for basic floor protection from dirt, dust, and light splatters. 


  1. Corry Board - A corrugated plastic board designed to protect floors and surfaces from impact. Perfect for projects with heavy equipment moving around or projects with impact-sensitive materials. 


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