Correx Sheet Alternative
Go beyond the common term for corrugated plastic sheet

Corrugated plastic sheets, commonly known as Correx or Corriboard, are in demand for affordable yet durable floor protection.  


However, the recent imbalance in demand and supply of its raw materials is causing stock levels to reduce and prices to increase. If you're looking for a good alternative material with the same benefits, try Floorgard's Corry Board range.  




It is still the classic corrugated plastic sheet designed to protect floors and other surfaces from impact, dust, dirt, and splatters during construction--but with a fire-retardant option for that extra safety measure on-site! It is also customisable with your own logo printed on it. 



How is Floorgard Corry Board different from Correx? 


They are almost the same. Correx is a registered name for a brand of corrugated plastic sheet that has become a common name used to refer to the material over the years. There are many other similar products in the market with just a different name like Floorgard Corry Board. 


Supply & Distribution 


Floorgard's Corry Board is widely distributed in Ireland, the UK, and Europe so if you're in the area or nearby countries, this is a great choice for you, with its affordable price and quality feel, backed by excellent customer service, and on-time delivery. 


What are the options available? 


Floorgard Corry Board is available in standard/non-FR and FR variants with different thicknesses to choose from, ranging from 2mm to 10mm. You may also opt for sheets or rolls for more flexible applications. 


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