Best Scaffold Sheeting in 2022
An easy guide to choosing the right Scaffold Sheeting in 2022

Scaffold Sheeting is essential in almost every construction site and we all want what’s best but it’s not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. Choosing the right scaffold sheeting will not only give you the best results for your project but will also help you lessen expenses. 

SP Group defines Scaffold Sheeting as a high-quality polyethylene sheeting designed to withstand wind pull, contain debris, and add protection to the construction site. They come in different variants and grades such as CLASSIC, PLUS, and PRO to suit different needs and conditions. All three variants even have Fire Retardant counterparts. 

So how do we know what’s the best Scaffold Sheeting for our project? We made a quick questionnaire to help you decide: 

1. How long will your project last? 

  1. a. Short-term 

  1. b. Long-term 

  1. c. Either 

2. How high is the area that you want to cover? 

  1. a. Low area 

  1. b. Mid to High area 

  1. c. High area 

3. How strong is the wind pull in that area? 

  1. a. Low/Minimal wind pull 

  1. b. Mid to Strong wind pull 

  1. c. Extreme wind pull 

4. How is the weather condition in that area? 

  1. a. Fair with minimal wind and rain 

  1. b. Strong wind and high chances of rain 

  1. c. Extreme weather conditions 


If you answered mostly A’s then a CLASSIC Scaffold Sheeting might be best for you; if you answered mostly B’s then a PLUS Scaffold Sheeting might be best for you, and if you answered mostly C’s then a PRO Scaffold Sheeting might be best for you. 


Now that you know which variant would suit your project best, time to ask yourself this: 


  1. Does my project involve fire-hazards? 

  1. YES 

  1. NO 

  1. Do I want extra protection on-site? 

  1. YES 

  1. NO 


If you answered ‘YES’ to any of these, then you should get a Fire-Retardant Scaffold Sheeting. SP Group’s FR Scaffold Sheeting is certified so you’re sure of the quality that you’re getting. 


If you answered ‘NO’ to all of these, then a Standard Scaffold Sheeting would be enough for your project. 


Here’s a quick comparison of each variant for you to choose from: 


Still not sure what’s the best Scaffold Sheeting for you and your project? Our team of experts will be glad to help you! Email us at today!