5 Reasons Why You Should Protect Floors & Surfaces with Corry Board
Customers are now opting for this versatile floor protection material.

Corrugated Boards are lightweight polypropylene, plastic boards with hollow air pockets in the middle. They can be used for various purposes but work great when protecting floors and surfaces. 

There are many floor protection materials in the market designed for your specific needs but here are 5 reasons why Floorgard Corry Board should be in your cart today: 

  1. 1. It’s Impact-Resistant. Its twin-walled design with hollow air pockets gives your floors and surfaces unique protection and suspension from any unprecedented hits and pressure. It comes in different thicknesses and Fire-Retardant variants so you can choose what suits your needs. 
    2. It works on any floor type. Whether it be concrete, wood, carpet, vinyl, you name it and Floorgard Corry Board can protect it for you. It is easily connected with cleanroom, reinforced, or vinyl tapes, making the installation process very efficient. 
    3. It’s flexible. It’s easy to cut, curve, or crease so you don’t have to worry about protecting irregular-shaped corners or surfaces. 

  1. 4. It’s customisable. You can have your logo and company details printed onto the Corry Board. That’s an additional marketing avenue for you throughout the site you’re working on!

  1. 5. It’s recyclable. Now you can protect your floors and surfaces guilt-free. It may be a lot of plastic but it is 100% recyclable! All you have to do is to contact your SP Group Account Manager and they will guide you through the process of Blue Cycle Recycling Scheme. 

Floorgard Corry Board comes in sheets and rolls, standard and fire-retardant variants, and you can even opt for Floorgard Corryboard PLUS if you want that thicker, extra protection.

Here's what's in stock today:

SP Group’s team of total temporary protection experts are glad to assist you if you have any questions about Floorgard Corry Board. Samples can also be sent to your doorstep upon request. Did we also mention that the prices are set like-for-like? Talk about a good deal! 


Get in touch with us today or email hello@s-pgroup.com for more details.