5 Reasons to Use Shrink Wrap
Know more about this in-demand product

Shrink wrap is a sheeting typically used as an alternative to traditional scaffold sheeting in the scaffold industry for weather protection and containment during construction work.  


Although it may not be suitable for all projects, shrink wrap is preferred by an increasing number of scaffolders and contractors for its durability and secured protection against extreme weather. 



Here are 5 reasons to use shrink wrap on your next project: 


  1. It’s Durable 

Shrink wrap is made with very strong plastic material making it tear-resistant. It also doesn't become weak or brittle in extreme or varying weather conditions, giving you the assurance that it will last longer than its traditional counterpart. 


  1. It Provides Sealed Protection 

Shrink wraps provide drum-tight protection when heated. Compared to scaffold sheeting where you need toggle ties to keep it in place, shrink wrap only requires heat to seal it and stay in place. No risks of tearing and flapping in strong winds. 


  1. It’s Affordable 

Installation of shrink wrap just needs 2 things: the shrink wrap material and a heat gun. This helps reduce costs long-term as you no longer have the need for toggle ties and other safety materials. However, the quality of shrink wrap may also affect its price depending on where you buy it. 


  1. It Provides additional advertising space 

Shrink wraps can be customised and printed with your logo, giving you additional space to promote your brand or even use that space for announcements to the public. 


  1. It’s Fire-Retardant 

Fire-retardancy is an important consideration in buying shrink wrap as it is a plastic material that could still catch fire if exposed to flames or heat beyond the necessary temperature needed to seal it. It’s best to check for FR certification when purchasing shrink wraps. 


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